Atrial fibrillation: Incidence, prevalence, and predisposing conditions



Multimorbidity, polypharmacy and sex-related aspects in AF patients
Related to WP1: Characterisation of comorbidities in elderly AF patients


Management of multimorbid elderly AF patients
Related to WP2: Mapping clinical practices and gap identification


Integrated management of AF
Related to WP3: Design and development of new care pathways


Interdisciplinary, patient-centred, systematic care pathways
Related to WP4: Implementation of new care pathways

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    To ensure that citizens’ aspirations to high quality care can be met, this communication from the European Commission highlights a number of initiatives through which the EU can support policy makers in the Member States. The focus will have to be on methods and tools that will allow Member States to achieve greater effectiveness, accessibility and resilience of their health systems, in line with reform recommendations addressed to Member States in the context of the European Semester.

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    The strategic plan, launched by the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research, outlines a challenging and exciting agenda to provide a unique forum for decision-makers in health policy and systems research, support institutional capacity for training and mentorship, stimulate knowledge generation and innovation, and encourage the demand for and use of research.