EHRA-PATHS Consortium Meeting,  18-19 April 2023, Barcelona & online

The EHRA-PATHS project partners have been busy with several developments and events in April.

The consortium meeting took place the 18th and 19th of April in Barcelona just after the EHRA Congress 2023, where WP leaders presented the first results from the project. More information on the presentation by the EHRA-PATHS partners can be found through this link

EHRA-PATHS is a project focused on integrated care for patients with atrial fibrillation and at least one additional chronic condition. The project aims to develop a standardised approach to ensure that patients with atrial fibrillation receive evidenced-based therapies for the comorbidities that underlie or complicate their heart rhythm disorder.

EHRA-PATHS investigators have defined 22 comorbidities that are relevant in patients with atrial fibrillation and have created concise care pathways to ensure their effective management. A status update on the clinical trials was given during the consortium meeting, – The protocol was sent to the Ethical Committee. The partner UMCG had meeting with all national primary investigators, except for Germany and Ireland.

The care pathways are being integrated into a software tool that will assist healthcare personnel to evaluate atrial fibrillation patients in a systematic and comprehensive way. This software is almost finalized. The software will be evaluated in a clinical study involving 65 hospitals in 14 European countries. The trial will focus on 12 comorbidities and the primary endpoint is the number of risk factors and comorbidities that are identified and for which treatment is initiated. For this, a Delphi was held in order to consult experts to identification of key target age-related comorbidities of special relevance to the AF patient. After this, new care pathways will be adapted from existing specialty body guidelines, to fill gaps in the latter guidelines. Finally, the new care pathways will be formulated into a deliverable toolbox by consensus from the working groups.

The project aims to demonstrate that a systematic approach to comorbidities leads to better multidisciplinary management of patients with atrial fibrillation. There is still a long way to go, keep posted for news by subscribing to our newsletter and following us in Twitter and LinkedIn.

Read more in this recent press release published by ESC via this link

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